Day 1 of the tournament at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. This tournament took no time to intensify the atmosphere and set the pace.

The first series of the day was between two illustrious CIS Powerhouses.

Na’Vi was put against Virtus Pro

Coming from different groups both had the same score of 2 Wins, 2 Loss and a Draw and so they were put to have had a CIS showdown right away. For a fact, 9Pasha who had been with Virtus Pro for over 3 years was removed from the team in September 2019 following The International 9 now would be battling for Na’Vi against his old organisation.

Fast-forwarding to the series, Virtus Pro clean-swept 2-0 in a Best of 3.
Game 1 looked like a complete out draft since the very start leading Virtus Pro to victory while game 2 Na’Vi had a lead in the early game but eventually, VP was able to able to turn tides into their favour.

The second series of the day was between the major champions and a rematch of MDL Chengdu Major Grand Finals.

Vici Gaming VS TNC Predator

Vici Gaming avenges back and triumphs over TNC with a 2-1 taking the series.

Vici Gaming were up against the team who sent them out to second place in the MDL Chengdu Major but it was Vici Gaming who was superior this time.

TNC looked lost an early game in all of the three games they played today against VG.

Game 1 was a long one about more than an hour, TNC flipped it over and managed to close it out in the end.

Game 2, VG didn’t waste any time since the start. Winning the laning phase and going all the way being able to win it easily with Ori on a sturdy Timbersaw accompanied by a snowballing Morphling who was replicating Earthshaker most of the game for the combo.

Game 3 had a same early game story but Armel on his Leshrac suffered drastically against Ori’s Viper. While midst TNC was able to run down some of VG but Eurus on Slark just got way too bigger than along with the team, bagging themselves a series win.

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