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Natus Vincere (NAVI) disbands its PUBG Mobile roster

Natus Vincere, one of the biggest esports organization from Ukraine has disbanded its PUBG Mobile roster. The organization took their Twitter account to share this news amongst its fans. back then in 2020, Navi entered competitive PUBG Mobile by signing OldBoy and Glory as a manager. They them acquired Matic and Mequ from DreamEaters, signed Tixzy and ADERR.


  • Sergey “KITSUNE” Pomerantsev
  • Vitalii “Matic” Shulga
  • Aleksey “Mequ” Tolov
  • Daniil “Tixzy” Gordeev
  • Oleg “Jak2oo” Porotnikov (manager)

Aderr, one of the member of active squad wrote, “We (Ex-Navi) are free agents. We will continue playing as a team. Currently we are open for offers. We earned more than $1mil last year, placed 2nd at Worlds, won 3 EU Championships. All team located in Belgrade, Serbia. Dm for more info. Max repost please.”

Before the escalation of Russia-Ukrainian War, Navi had a great run in the PUBG Mobile Esports. The squad finished at the second spot in PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2021 finals and won $630,000 as the prize pool. It was the last official event played by the squad.

Team released for playing a charity tournament

It has been alleged that the team was released for competing in a Russian charity event without the knowledge of the organization. Although, there is no official confirmation about the same. But, the roster got disbanded just a day after the charity event.

On October 3, NAVI gave a performance at the Ronin Organization club’s “Live, baby” charity tournament. The Konstantin Khabensky Charitable Foundation received a donation of every penny raised during the tournament.

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