MxB Gaming to face Team Overcome at NVIDIA FPS Battle Season 2 Grand finals

Much of a different outcomes as expected in both the matches we witnessed, MxB beat Brutality 2-1 to qualify for the finals wherein in the other leg of the playoffs Team Overcome beat Invisible Wings 2-0. The finals of NVIDIA FPS Battle Season 2 will be played next week on Friday, 2nd of September.

MxB Gaming, who recently picked up the bengal tiger, Sabyasachi ‘antidote’ Bose in their new addition looked shaky at the very beginning of the series. They were unable to concentrate on the game as Brutality were continuously decimating them. The series began on the first map, Overpass, Brutality’s pick which showcased sheer dominance. Brutality were on point from the very beginning of the map as they kept knocking MxB players out at every portion. MxB had no answer to their aggression as they kept getting caught off-guard most of the times with Antidote’s performance exceptionally making some notable difference in the scoreline. The first game ended 16-5 in the favor of Brutality, leaving MxB fans long-faced.

Nvidia FPS battle


The second game started with the similar flow but concluded in a way of antithetical. Brutality started on the favorite side and started to humiliate MxB by their cheeky plays, having the experience of RiX and V3nom and the fair aimlocking of astarrr, Brutality never looked back in the first half as they went on to harrass MxB and leaving them in an awkward scoreline of 12-3. Being down a map and a half as bad as 3-12 things didn’t look great for MxB. But as it said, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” MxB started to get their heads in the game and out-play Brutality in the most embarrassing way. Round after round, taking one step at a time, MxB dominated the second half totally leaving Brutality with only 2 rounds to claim in the next 15! MxB beat Brutality on mirage 16-14 in the most extra-ordinary way possible.

The third map (my fav), cobblestone started with MxB on the less favored side, counter terrorists. As the game progressed, Astarrr, rix and Juventa started to gain the momentum as they thrashed MxB in the first half with a favored scoreline of 10-5 to Brutality. MxB, however, didn’t find the dream dead as they came back all the way from being 5 down to equalize the scores at 15-15 and taking the game to overtime.

Nvidia FPS battle

The performance these fresh talent represented before the crowd versus one of the top teams in India was amicable. It was basically experience vs excitement. And in the end ladies and gentlemen, excitement, enthusiasm and greed to be the best at the game won. MxB Gaming unexpectedly, knocked out Brutality out of these special invite-only league and advanced further to face Team Overcome, their counterpart in the grand finals next week.

Players to look out for


If you are active in the CS:GO pro scene, you definitely know this young talent. Antidote, who is off the game known was Sabyasachi ‘antidote’ Bose, the 18-year-old is originated from Calcutta who is still pursuing his studies and has been actively part of the professional Counter Strike scene for more than 7 years. At this young age, Antidote has earned respect for himself and the organizations he has played for in the past. Being a resident of Calcutta, Bose has been a part of all the major top lineups of the region and has now recently moved to play for the Mumbai lineup MxB.

We have had some gathered information from Spawn regarding their journey ahead a couple of months ago, and it seems they did figure out to be called India’s one of the top lineups. MxB Gaming was also invited to represent India at IEM Taipei earlier this year.

Full match statistics available on SoStronk.