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MrBeast May Collaborate With Indian Content Creators For Next Project

MrBeast aka Jimmy Donaldson had recently reached 100 million subscribers on YouTube making him the 7th Youtube Channel and 2nd Individual creator to breach the 100 million subscribers mark on the video platform. 

MrBeast Collaboration With Indian Content Creators

Recently, Jimmy Donaldson teased in a tweet that he is looking to do a collaboration project with an Indian Youtube Content Creator to expand his Hindi Youtube channel to further.

Replying to a tweet by Indian content creator, 8Bit’s Animesh “Thug” Agarwal, MrBeast suggested a collaboration with Indian Content Creators to further expand on his Hindi Channel. 

The Hindi channel uploaded its first video 3 months back which featured a Hindi dubbed version of his popular Squid Game-themed video that was uploaded on his original channel. The response to the video was phenomenal as it easily managed to hit 8 million views. 

A collaboration with a famous Indian content creator will further help in expanding his audience base in India.

Currently, Indian channels are leading the top 10 charts of most subscribed channels on Youtube due presence of a large Indian audience on Youtube. Tapping into this market with the help of popular Indian Content Creators will further help him in gaining millions of subscribers on his original channel as well as on the Hindi Channel. 

The last time when an international Content creator collaborated with Indian Content Creator was In 2020 when DrDisrespect collaborated with Tanmay “Scout” Singh.

They collaborated for a livestream where more than 104,000 viewers tuned in on DrDisrepect’s stream while Scout managed to get over 128,000 viewers.

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