Mountain Dew to spend 40% of its marketing budget targeting gamers

Mountain Dew, a subsidiary brand of Pepsi Co., is all set to increase its marketing budget to target the gaming market. Mountain Dew has set its sight on gamers. The company will spend 40% (a majority) of its marketing budget to reach gamers.

The gaming market being relatively new and growing at exponential growth makes a perfect setting for brands to advertise themselves. The industry is relatively new and have little too no competition from other brands, with Mountain Dew focusing a significant chunk of its marketing budget on gaming the company will be enjoying a first-mover advantage and can cement its position in the market.

“The company will spend 40% of its marketing dollars this year to reach gamers. The gaming space is one of the fastest-growing areas of the consumer world. We feel like we have a real opportunity there as a first mover.” said Nicole Portwood, VP of marketing.

Image Credits: MLG

Mountain Dew also have plans to ramp up sponsorships with esports leagues, including Optic Gaming, Counter Logic Gaming, Immortals, Team Dignitas and SK Gaming. There will be co-branded partnerships with Twitch, sports TV channel Cheddar ( which also focuses on Esports)  and Facebook ads targeting gamers and fans.

Mountain Dew hasn’t been shy of gamers before, in January the company introduced a new beverage “Mountain Dew Amp Game Fuel”- a drink specifically made for gamers. The drink comes in a special packaging which is designed for gamers with special features like tactile grip and resealable lip can.

With the launch of Amp Game Fuel, the company also ran a promotion event with publisher Ubisoft, where anyone purchasing the drink would get access to special assets within the game “Tom Clancy’s The Division 2.”

Mountain Dew Amp Game Fuel had such a positive response after its January launch that parent company, PepsiCo has started working on another beverage for gamers.

With more brands making their way towards the Gaming market, the ecosystem of Gaming industry is set to see rise in investments and promotions which will help industry to grow further.

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