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Mongolz won hearts at IEM Taipei, ahead of Indians, Australians, Chinese And Taiwanese

Following up the close semi-finals against Chiefs, TheMongolz closed the finals for the qualifier out in a very convincing fashion against LA Renegades by 2-0.

TheMongolz take home $30,000 while securing spots MLG Columbus Main Qualifier and IEM Katowice, meanwhile LA Renegades will go home with $15,000 and a spot in the MLG Columbus Main Qualifiers.


The tournament favourites Renegades who as also rank 19th globally in HLTV rankings, were utterly manhandled by the brute force of TheMongolz, both in the playoffs and the finals. After taking the Renegades for a spin on Cobblestone by 16-9, the war hungry Mongolians showed rock solid characteristics on CT-side Inferno, sparing Renegades only 2 rounds in the first half.

We also saw another heartbreaking game bug in which Renegades’ C4 got stuck in an irretrievable spot, when they were already down 10-1. After picking up the pistol round TheMongolz closed out the match at 16-2, winning the Asia Minor and sending the Australian dream packing home.

Eventhough Indians and UAE teams had multiple slots to work on with, they were not able to make their presence any stronger. With Scrochers, MxB and Team Brutality not able to make their journey longer. UAE teams Risky and Team jpb also had tough time fighting.

The Mongolz now has a slot to MLG Columbus offline qualifier and also a direct slot to at ESL Katowice later this year.


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