Mobile Legends Streamer Hypebit$ tests positive for COVID-19

Hypebit$, a Mobile Legends: Bang Bang streamer from Phillipines has tested positive for COVID-19. He breaks down while announcing this on his official Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Bitoy “Hypebit$” Ferrer declared that he has tested positive to the novel coronavirus and he suspects that may have caught the virus while grocery shopping.

Hypebit$ is a famous Mobile Legends:Bang Bang streamer with 1.2 Million followers on Facebook where he mostly streams and 300k subscribers on YouTube. He recently posted a video where he confirms that he is infected by the virus by presenting some medical reports. The details explained in the video are not clear as he is talking in his native language but he looks devastated by this news.

The streamer got very emotional at the end of this video and almost cried. He posted on Facebook that auto-translates to “I hope there is a purify in real life”. To those who are unfamiliar with the game, purify is a skill that removes all negative effects casted on a hero in Mobile Legends and is used as a metaphorical reference here.

His fans are showing immense support on his socials and sending him wishes for a faster recovery.

Thumbnail Courtesy: Hypebit$ Facebook Handle