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Mobile Gaming Beats PC and Console, clocks $69 billion in 2019

As the year 2019 came to close, the Gaming Industry as a whole commanded a very comfortable year-on-year revenue growth of close to 10%. Outliner of this exponential growth of the Gaming Industry was non-other than the Mobile Segment. Mobile Gaming saw revenue growth of more than 10% over the previous year 2018.

According to research by Gamingscan.com, Mobile gaming generated $68.5 Billion in revenue alone which is 45% of revenue when compared to the overall $152 Billion that the Gaming industry generated. Whereas consoles stand at 32% i.e. $47.9 Billion and lastly PC Gaming generated $35.7 Billion meaning 23% when compared to total revenue.

In 2017, most game developers and publishers acknowledged the potential of the Mobile gaming segment and since then many have made efforts to bring their biggest gaming franchises to the Mobile Gaming crowd.

Currently, the biggest Mobile Gaming OS in terms of earnings is iOS with more than 55% of revenue coming from them and Android having less than 45% share. Accordingly, the biggest source of revenue in the Mobile Segment is Microtransactions closely followed by Advertisements.

Although Mobile Gaming is the biggest earner, but when the year-on-year growth is taken into account the Console Gaming had one of the best showings with more than 13.4% growth over 2018. Whereas the PC Segment had a very mediocre performance with less than 4% growth over 2018.

PC Gaming had a rough year with the war between storefronts which gave way to Exclusivity and time-gating of certain games. These factors gave rise to people postponing their purchases, boycotting or going towards Piracy, all of which rather than improving the user Experience had a reverse effect and tanked the confidence of PC Gamers. Also, the failure and doomed launch of several AAA games from the big publishers further tanked the confidence of players.

But, things aren’t going to remain gloomy for PC Segment as the research showed that by the end of 2019, things started to pick up later in the year and revenue increased.

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