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Mike Tyson joins the esports ring with investment in Fade 2 Karma

The esports industry over the past couple of years have boomed to new heights becoming a new attractive destination for many celebrities and athletes to join their name with. Recently many big time celebrities have shown interest in the industry and with that a new name will joining that list today.

Mike Tyson, the former world heavyweight champion turned celebrity have announced a strategic investment in esports team Fade 2 Karma. Fade 2 Karma is best known for its time in Hearthstone. Fade 2 Karma is an upcoming Professional Esports and Gaming Entertainment organization founded in July,2015. Since than the organization has expanded to include streamers from across the world and have a team of professionals for competitive Hearthstone.

With the help of Tyson, Fade 2 Karma will be constructing a new game streaming facility in Los Angeles in El Segundo, California, this place also houses Mike Tyson’s marijuana company Tyson Ranch. Ironically this new facility will be named The Ranch House and include live streaming rooms, a performance stage for tournaments, content production and a rooftop party deck. The Ranch House will also feature a new entertainment production studio which will be operated by Fade 2 Karma.

Just the day before the announcement, Tyson joined many of the Fade 2 Karma professionals for a livestreaming session broadcasted on Alliestrasza aka AlexandraMacpherson’s Twitch channel. With the short time on stream Tyson expressed his interest in the game and also told he had played other games like Call Of Duty but Hearthstone was new experience for him and it was his first time playing the game.

Just the day after the live streaming, Tyson made the official announcement of investing in F2K. In a report to ESPN, Tyson said:

It was pretty awesome. I had the opportunity to really engage with some millennials, which I never really actually do. This is the first time, and I thought it was pretty awesome. We played Hearthstone. I really sucked real bad. You have to start somewhere. I played games before, so I’m going to start over and see what happens from here.

Although no specifics of the deals were made public, one can hope for the new wave of content being released by Fade 2 Karma in collaboration with Tyson.


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