Xbox parent Microsoft announced today their plan of absence in the Game Developers Conference in San Fransisco, citing the global emergence over coronavirus.

Referring to the “wellbeing” of Microsoft’s team and community on their official blog post, they confirmed having withdrawn from the yearly conference. Furthermore, the Xbox-maker says they’ll go digital to announce their plans for the year from March 16th to 18th.

Microsoft is not the first, and certainly not the last company to withdraw from this year’s Game Developers Conference.

The developments have come to light after U.S. officials declared a state of health emergency in San Fransisco this week. Coronavirus has now engulfed forty-eight countries with cases in Italy and other parts of Europe soaring this week.

Coronavirus (COVID-19), thus far, has claimed more than 2900 lives, and more than 1,00,000 seem to be tested positive worldwide with this deadly virus.


  1. […] 事件取消的消息是在其他公司(例如,亚马逊,微软 Bethesda和Gearbox等公司)宣布正式从事件退出之后的数小时。随着世界卫生组织最近将病毒的警戒级别提高到最高水平,COVID-19的传播仍然很大。许多国家已经开始锁定边界,并开始进行广泛的扫描程序,以防止病毒传播。截至上周五,全球已确认超过85,000例新型冠状病毒病例,据报道死亡人数接近2919。 […]

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