MIBR announce the signing of Taco and Zews from Liquid as Stewie2K goes the other way

MIBR have announced that they have signed Epitacio “TACO” de Melo and Wilton “zews” Prado from Team Liquid, with Jake “Stewie2K” Yip going the other way.

This means that MIBR have re signed the core which was part of their success from 2015 to early 2018 where they saw a run of winning 2 consecutive Majors in 2016.


It is expected that they will retain an all Brazilian roster, with Jo√£o “felps” Vasconcellos being the front runner for the 5th spot, with names like kNgV and kscerato being refuted for being Un feasible for different reasons.

Meanwhile, Stewie2K is set to move to Team Liquid, as the project of getting top stars from America and Brazil in one team did not quite kick off, as the only trophy they won was that of the ZOTAC Cup Masters 2018, which consisted mainly of tier 2 teams. They were also consistently out of the top 3, which was underwhelming considering the talent they had at their disposal.

The 20 year old said in a statement:

“I‚Äôm disappointed to see this journey come to an end because I don’t feel that we received a sufficient amount of time to truly reach our potential. We had some hurdles we fought through, as it is expected that every individual on an International lineup need that extra time find their composure, synergy, and flow.”

However, it seems like we weren‚Äôt able to power through the psychological challenge we had. And despite the recent month of confidence and some convincing results, it’s no secret that we still have our problems. I believe these guys have a championship mindset but they have won so much that they have forgotten how to lose. I wish we‚Äôve received some more time after ending the year with decent results and tackling all the problems together instead of running away from it. I‚Äôm aware of what I signed up for and will be moving on with no hard feelings.

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The two people whose future is uncertain though, is Tarik ‚Äútarik‚ÄĚ Celik and Janko “YNk” Paunovińá, who are all but confirmed to leave the organisation. While YNk is likely to return as an analyst, there has been no offer for tarik at the moment as he continues to remain benched. There is no news on the new coach of Liquid as well.

The new rosters now look as follows:





Epitacio¬†“TACO”¬†de Melo


Wilton “zews” Prado (coach)

Team Liquid:



Russel¬†“Twistzz”¬†Van Dulken


Nick “nitr0” Cannella