Hamako Mori, a 90-year-old Japanese woman with very good gaming skills that helped her gain a cult following online. She has been recently recognized as the world’s oldest YouTube gamer.

Popularly known as “Gamer Grandma” to her 250,000 YouTube subscribers, she started gaming around 40 years ago and launched her YouTube channel back in 2015. She was regularly posting up to four videos a month on her channel. In the videos, she does everything from broadcasting her games to unboxing new consoles.

Currently “Grand Theft Auto” series is her favourite and as per Guinness World Records, she is the world’s oldest gaming YouTuber. Mori maintains a sharp sense of humour in her videos by while dubbing one as “Elder plays Elder Scrolls V Skyrim” one of the most popular fantasy role-playing title. At 90 years of age, she plays Dauntless with more than 3 million views on those videos.

“I’m gonna play Dauntless’ today,” she says. She further added,

“After I started playing this, it was such fun, and I couldn’t stop. I can’t look at any other games as it’s all about this one…sometimes I end up playing until 2 a.m.”

She even has an array of consoles, Cassette Vision being the first one that she owner that was released in Japan on July 30, 1981. About the console she said,

“It looked like so much fun, and I thought it’s not fair if only children played it.”