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PUBG Mobile Pro League South Asia Day 3 Recap

After a really long break, the Pinnacle tournament of the region resumed today. A total of 5 matches were played and here is a brief recap of the day and the standings as of now:-

TSM-Entity tops the leaderboards even after playing the least number of matches after the end of day 3 has nearly confirmed that they will be winning the Week 1 of the league.

Match Recap:

Match 1 – Erangle (B vs C vs D vs E)

Chicken Dinner- Team GodLike

With a whopping 11 kills, PMCO Spring Split India 2020 champions showed the opponents their true game and came on top with 31 points, Team Fnatic finished 2nd with a total of 8 kills and 22 points. GodLSmxkieop got that MVP with a total of 4 kills to his name and 401 damage.

Match 2- Sanhok (B vs C vs D vs E)

Chicken Dinner – Team Orange Rock

Mavi leads his troops for an amazing chicken dinner with a total of 9 kills and 29 points in total. DaljitSk gets the MVP in the match with 3 kills. Megastars and Fnatic got 2nd and 3rd place finish respectively.

Match 3- Vikendi (A vs B vs C vs E)

Chicken Dinner – TSM-Entity

The first match for TSM-Entity and they finished it with domination and style with a total of 13 kills and 33 points. Followed by Team Celtz with 11 kills to their name, and team GodLike with another Top 3 finish. Neyoo gets the MVP of the match with 8 kills to his name.

Match 4 – Erangle (A vs B vs C vs E)

Chicken Dinner – Marcos Gaming

An open zone chicken dinner by the boys of Marcos Gaming with 10 kills and 30 points in total will help them climb up the ladder in overall standings. VSG Crawlers also with 10 kills but missed on that chicken dinner followed by Team Soul with 8 kills and 3rd position.

MgZedShadow gets the MVP with 3 kills clutching the win for his team.

Match 5- Sanhok (A vs B vs C vs E)

Chicken Dinner – Team Elementrix

Elementrix finishes their day with a 3 Kills chicken dinner to their name and a total of 23 points. ExOnTop gets the MVP for the match with 2 Kills. Megastars finished on the 2nd place followed by TSM-Entity on the third place to finish the day 3 of week 1.

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