Ludwig signs exclusive streaming deal with YouTube Gaming

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One of the most popular streamers on Twitch, Ludwig has announced his departure from the Amazon-owned streaming platform to stream exclusively on YouTube, with his first stream scheduled for later today.

Ludwig Ahren is known to be one of Twitch’s stars which makes this decision a surprise for many and a big blow for Twitch as Ahren will take his legion of fans to a competitive platform. Ludwig didn’t specify what triggered the move but he isn’t the first one to ditch Twitch for YouTube Gaming.

In a well crafted video, Ludwig announced his departure where he can be seen hopping in a red car from a blue one where he is able to play any music he desires, highlighting the benefits of YouTube Gaming.

Ludwig is yet to explain his decision but such a move is not unheard of. He follows the footsteps of the likes of Valkyrae and CouRageJD who successfully transitioned into YouTube Gaming with little to no hiccups.

It is obvious that Ludwig will bring over his loyal followers from Twitch but he is unlikely to hit the ground running. Even though is letting go of a massive viewer base, YouTube Gaming will help him tap into a whole new audience.

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