PUBG Mobile Esports team has decided to deduct all the points gained by Loops Esports on Day 3 of the second super weekend over the allegations of teaming up with Team Queso.

Loop Esports and Team Queso were accused of teaming up after a questionable decision by Loops Esports to let Queso pass through unscathed even after having aim set on the players.

The PUBG Mobile Esports officials quickly launched an investigation on this matter and released a statement saying “We’ve launched our internal investigation on this matter, and are reviewing our logs, not only to this incident but the whole of PMWL”. They also made sure to take final action before the start of Super Weekend.

PUBG Mobile Esports closed the investigation yesterday following this short update over the matter. The investigators checked all the matches of Loop Esports and Team Queso, following through every engagement and communication but could not find any clue of suspicious acts. The team also confirmed that Team Queso did not know about the actions of Loop Esports.

The team found no evidence that can prove the cheating but stated that “it was clearly an instance of unsportsmanlike conduct by Loops that directly goes against the spirit of competition we stand for”. They concluded this matter with “Removal of all points earned by Loops Esports on July 26th (Day 3 of the second Super Weekend)” as a punishment to Loops for their behavior.

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