League of Legends Arena Mode: A Beginner’s Guide

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Dive into the dynamic world of League of Legends’ latest offering, the Arena Mode, a compelling mix of Teamfight Tactics (TFT) and traditional League of Legends gameplay​​. This novel game mode, introduced as part of the grand 2023 Summer Event – Soul Fighter, is stirring excitement amongst players and is slated to be one of the largest summer events in the history of League of Legends​.

Arena Mode: Pick/Ban Phase, Fights & Augments

In the Arena mode, you’ll encounter a series of thrilling battles spread across six rounds, where four pairs of players compete to be the last team standing. The game mode comprises a buy phase, where players select items and upgrades, followed by a combat phase, where they engage in battle​​. Surprisingly, this mode abandons the traditional runes or summoner spells; instead, every player begins at Level 3 and gradually levels up as the rounds progress. With each level up, the gold available for purchasing items in the shop increases, eventually allowing players to accrue 3000 gold per buy phase​​.

Adding a new layer of strategy, the Arena mode introduces a unique concept of “Augments”. These powerful abilities alter the way your champion plays, offering three different choices in certain buy phases. They are classified into three tiers: Silver, Gold, and Prismatic, and become available in the second and fifth rounds​. As Riot Games suggests, these Augments are designed to blend interestingly with champion kits, augmenting their fantasy and compelling players to adapt to some wild situations​.

There are over 100 Augments in Arena mode and here’s a detailed list of what they are and how they work: 

Silver Augments & Effects

Red BuffGain permanent Red Buff
Hextech SoulGain soul
Cloud SoulGain soul
Chemtech SoulGain soul
Blue BuffGain a permanent Blue Buff
Ionic SparkEnemies who use abilities near you take damage equal to 100 percent of the mana cost
Virtuous CycleYour heals grant extra shield and your shields grant extra healing
VulnerabilityYour item and damage over time effects can critically strike. Gain 20 percent crit chance.
Ice ColdYour slowing effects reduce movement speed by an extra 100
Sweet ToothGrants 50 gold on healing from a plant and the heal is increased by 50 percent
Electric FieldCasting a summoner spell damages all enemies within 450 range and grants you 10 percent movement speed for three seconds
Spontaneous AltruismEvery 10 seconds your next heal or shield ability is increased by 30 percent
Fast StarterFor the first 10 seconds each round, you have 40 ability haste and receive 15 percent less damage
Double-Edged SwordYou deal 20 percent more damage and take 10 percent more damage
Adaptive ConsumerAD and AP from items is converted to Adaptive Force
Ocean SoulGain the Ocean Soul, granting high health and mana regeneration after damaging enemies
RepulsorWhen dropping below 60 or 30 percent health, nearby enemies are knocked back
Shadow RunnerAfter using a movement ability or leaving stealth, gain 300 movement speed for two seconds
Sonic BoomBuffing, healing, or shielding an ally deals damage and slows enemies around them
Don’t BlinkDeal more damage to enemies the faster you are than them
TormentorImmobilizing enemies applies a burn that deals damage over time and applies on-hits
TyphoonAttacks fire a bolt at an additional target that deals reduced damage and on-hits
DeftGain 40 percent attack speed
ErosionDamaging enemies shreds two percent Armor and Magic Resist for four seconds, stacking up to 20 times
EvocationGain the Evocation Summoner Spell, which lets you channel to restore health and mana
ExecutionerDeal 10 percent more damage to enemies below 50 percent health, and reset your basic abilities on takedown
Fallen AegisStart combat with a Black Shield that blocks magic damage for 15 seconds
Light ’em UpEvery fourth attack deals additional magic damage
First Aid KitGain 25 percent heal and shield power
Frost WraithEvery eight seconds, automatically root nearby enemies for one second
Guilty PleasureImmobilizing enemy champions restores five seconds max Health
Now You See MeGain the Houdini Summoner Spell, which teleports you back to the starting position of your last movement ability
Infernal SoulGain the Infernal Soul, dealing bonus damage when you hit enemies with abilities or attacks
Juice BoxEach round, you and your teammate get an additional juice for free
Midnight ExpressAutomatically throw a lantern to your ally every 12 seconds, which can be clicked to dash to you
Mind to MatterIncrease max health by half of your mana
Mountain SoulGain the Mountain Soul, gaining shield after being out of combat for a short time
Warmup RoutineActive Summoner: Channel to increase damage this combat, up to 30 percent
Buckle UpSpawn a Battle Sled on round start
Blunt ForceGain 10 percent Attack Damage
Witchful ThinkingReplace current items with random ones of a higher tier, and gain random items instead of gold during buy phase
CastleGain the Castle Summoner Spell, which allows you to swap places with your ally
Buff BuddiesYou gain permanent Red and Blue Buffs
Contract KillerEach round, mark an opponent to take 10 percent more damage and grant an extra 350 gold on death

Gold Augments & Effects

Apex InventorGain 200 Item Haste.
Banner of CommandActive Spell: Increase your teammate’s size and grant them 15% HP, AD, AP, and AS for 10s.
Willing SacrificeWhen your ally drops below 30% Health, trade some of your health for a Shield on your ally.
Cannon FodderYou enter combat launching from a cannon.
Celestial BodyGain 750 Health, but you deal 10% less damage.
With HasteGain Move Speed equal to double your Ability Haste.
Combo MasterGain the Electrocute and Phase Rush Keystone Runes.
Soul SiphonGain 20% crit chance and 35% lifesteal on critical strikes.
Tank it or leave itYou can Critically Defend using your Crit Chance (max 60% chance), giving you a chance to reduce damage. Gain 20% Crit Chance.
Die Another DayGain the Die Another Day Summoner Spell. Die Another Day creates a zone where no unit can die for 4 seconds.
Dawnbringer’s ResolveUpon dropping below 50% health, heal for 30% max health over 3s.
Ethereal WeaponYour Abilities apply on-hit effects.
From Beginning to EndGain the First Strike and Dark Harvest Keystone Runes.
Extendo ArmAutomatically fire a Blitzcrank hook every 12 seconds at a nearby enemy champion.
It’s CriticalGain 40% Crit Chance.
Dive BomberYour team’s first death each round explodes, dealing massive damage.
Lightning StrikesGain Attack Damage scaling with your Attack Speed.
MythicalYou can buy any number of Mythic Items.
Keystone ConjurerGain the Summon Aery and Arcane Comet Keystone Runes.
Outlaw’s GritYour Movement Abilities grant you 15 Armor and Magic Resist. This stacks up to 5 times.
PerseveranceGain hugely increased Health Regen, which is further increased while low on Health.
Phenomenal EvilPermanently gain 1 Ability Power when you hit enemies with Abilities.
Rabble RousingUsing an Ability heals you for 2% max Health.
FirebrandYour Attacks apply an infinitely stacking Burn, dealing damage over time.
RecursionGain 45 Ability Haste.
Restless RestorationYou constantly heal (based on your max Health) while moving, increased by distance traveled.
Defensive ManeuversGain the Defensive Maneuvers Summoner Spell. Defensive Maneuvers Casts both Summoner Barrier and Heal on you and your teammate.
Scoped WeaponsGain 250 Attack Range, reduced to 150 for ranged characters.
Searing DawnYour Abilities mark enemies, causing them to take extra damage from your ally’s next effect.
Shrink RayYour Attacks reduce an enemy’s damage by 20% for 3 seconds.
OK BoomerangAutocast: Every 7s fire a boomerang at a nearby enemy
The BrutalizerGain 25 Attack Damage, 10 Ability Haste, and 10 Lethality.
Thread the NeedleGain 30% Armor Penetration and Magic Penetration.
VanishGain the Vanish Summoner Spell. Vanish turns you Invisible.
VengeanceGain massively increased damage and Omnivamp while your partner is dead.
Unholy GrailDamaging enemies with abilities stores 30% of the damage; your next heal or shield on an ally heals them for the stored amount.
Take the WheelReplace your current items with random ones of a higher tier. Gain random items instead of gold during the buy phase.
Momentous StrikeGenerates bonus MS while moving. At max MS, Lee Sin kick the first enemy, you AA.
In Perfect TempoAutocast: Every 6s, cast Sona Q or Sona W at random.
Summoning ExpertGain 200 Summoner Spell Haste.
FlickerAutocast: At the start of combat and every 13 seconds, teleport to a random location within the arena and stealth for 1s. Your first stealth each round lasts 3.5s instead.
Feeling LuckyGrants 2 random Silver augments.
ParryRoot yourself: For 1s, all incoming damage is reflected back to your attacker.
NimbleGain 30% Dodge Chance.
Allure of the FoxSniping an enemy charms them for 1s (8s cooldown).
Intimidating AuraEnemies near you lose 25% Tenacity.
AssimilationGain 5% of all enemy primary stats on takedown.
Shadow DraftingYou are stealthed while standing behind your ally; taking damage disables this for 2s.
Twice as NiceYour Per Round Augments activate an additional time, on round start gain 100g or 500xp at random (twice) (affects Blood pact, Castle, Dawnbringer’s Resolve, Fallen Aegis, Kamikaze, Repulsor, Ultimate Backup).
PlatingGain 75 Armor.
Runic BulwarkGain 75 Magic Resistance.
VampirismGain 30% Spell Vamp.
Virtuoso’s FlourishEvery 4th hit crits and deals bonus %missing health damage.

Prismatic Augments & Effects

Accelerating SorceryUsing an Ability grants seven Ability Haste, stacking infinitely
Back to BasicsYour Ultimate is sealed, but you gain 16 percent increased damage, healing, shielding and 40 AH
Blade WaltzGain the Blade Waltz Summoner Spell, making you untargetable while you dash at and damage enemies repeatedly
Slow CookerEvery second, apply a stacking Burn to nearby enemy champions scaling with your Max Health stacking infinitely
Windspeaker’s BlessingYour Healing and Shielding also increases the target’s Armor and Magic Resist for three seconds
Zhonya’s EpiphanyGain the Zhonya’s Epiphany Summoner Spell, which puts you in Stasis for three seconds, rendering you Untargetable and Invulnerable for the duration but also unable to act, and resetting your basic ability cooldowns
Can’t Touch ThisCasting your Ultimate also makes you Invulnerable for a short duration
ChauffeurYou are attached to your ally and gain 100 Ability Haste and 50 Attack Speed, while they gain 15 percent Move Speed
Circle of DeathHealing you do deals a portion of the value in Magic Damage to the nearest enemy champion
Courage of the ColossusGain a Shield scaling with max Health after Immobilizing an enemy champion
EurekaGain Ability Haste equal to 20 percent of your Ability Power
Feel the BurnGain the Feel the Burn Summoner Spell, casting Ignite and Exhaust on all nearby enemy champions
GoliathBecome large, gaining 30 percent Health and 30 percent Adaptive Force at the cost of 50 percent Attack Speed
Jeweled GauntletYour Abilities can Critically Strike, and gain 20 percent Crit Chance
Mad ScientistOn round start, you grow large and gain Attack Damage and Health, or tiny and gain Ability Haste and Move Speed
Master of DualityYour Attacks grant you stacking Ability Power and your Abilities grant you Attack Damage
Infernal ConduitYour abilities apply a bleed dealing physical damage per second over five seconds. Bleed damage you deal refunds two percent of remaining cooldowns on your basic abilities
Mystic PunchYour Attacks reduce your cooldowns by one second.
Omni-SoulGain three random Dragon Souls
Quantum ComputingAutomatically slash in a circle around you, dealing bonus damage on the outer edge every 15 seconds. Your Automatic Augments are affected by Ability Haste
Spirit Link40 percent of damage dealt to your ally is redirected to you, and 40 percent of healing they receive is given to you as well.
Symphony of WarGain the Lethal Tempo and Conqueror Keystone Runes
Tap DancerYour Attacks grant you 10 Move Speed, stacking infinitely. Gain AS equal to 10 percent of your MS
EarthwakeYour Movement Abilities leave behind a trail that detonates after one second
Thief’s GlovesGain random items each combat. Stats and damage from items is increased by 20 percent
Trueshot ProdigyWhen you damage a champion from far away, fire a Trueshot Barrage at them
Ultimate RevolutionOnce per round, refresh your Ultimate Ability after casting it
Wisdom of AgesGain one bonus level every other round, and an extra level per Augment round, and your max level is increased to 30
Botanical BullyAttacking a plant creates an explosion that deals 15 percent true damage to enemies within range and knocks them back slightly
Shitake HappensThree deadly Teemo shrooms spawns randomly in the arena. Enemies and Allies can both trigger it. Your trap effects are increased by 50 percent
I’m the JuggernautYour movement speed is low and cannot be altered except by purchasing boots. Gain 50 percent size, 25 percent Health, Armor, Magic Resistance, and Tenacity
Summoner’s RouletteAfter casting a Summoner Spell, gain a random new one that’s on cooldown for seven seconds
Hug of DeathActive Summoner: Suppress yourself and an enemy next to you, dealing heavy damage to both over the course of the channel
Dragon TrainerGain Nomsy to fight alongside you
Blood BrothersDraven gains Darius passive and Darius gains Draven passive
Arbiter of FreedomImmobilizing an enemy creates a 400 radius zone around you that reduces damage taken by 20 percent for allies within
Pass-a-FistYour ally’s attacks trigger your on-hit affects at reduced 50 percent damage
4-Leaf CloverGain 40 percent Crit Chance and 30 percent Dodge Chance
BombardmentFire a barrage of cannon shots for the first 10s of combat before launching yourself from the last shot.
Combat MedicYour auto-attacks deal halved damage. The other half is converted to healing split amongst you and your ally. Gain 10 percent AD and AS.

(The Augments and their effects, seen in the above tables, have been sourced from Dot Esports and Sportskeeda)

The Arena mode is not just about your champion and the chosen Augments. It’s also about the battlefield. Players are transported to one of four new arenas after the preparation phase, each featuring unique terrains and map aspects that will challenge players to modify their playstyles​​.

To spice things up further, the Arena mode integrates surprise cameos from champions with the Soul Fighter theme. These champions influence the fights in their own unique ways, bringing in game-to-game variance that keeps each match fresh and exciting. For example, Lux sweeps the arena, targeting the first person she finds, while Shaco just runs around, causing mischief in his own way​​.

For those who thrive on competition, the Arena mode has its own ranking system and tiers, making it an even more engaging and challenging gaming experience. So prepare yourself for the thrill and get ready to battle it out in the Arena mode, kicking off with LoL Patch 13.14 on 20th July alongside the release of Naafiri​.

Stay tuned as we delve deeper into the detailed list of over 100 Augments available in the Arena mode, and learn how they can drastically influence your gameplay​​.

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