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League of Legends mobile version leaked

League of Legends is a massively popular MOBA game which dominates twitch viewership counts on a regular basis with exceptions during special events. The fans have been asking for new features and updates for a long time and riot responded by teasing a mobile version of the game. Head of Global Esports John Needham wrote that the game would be “more accessible to fans across the globe.” It’s hard to argue there is a better, more playable and wider-reaching method than bringing League of Legends to the Mobile gaming platform. Looking closely at the rate at which the mobile gaming industry is developing, bringing console and PC games to mobile inarguably seems like a very good idea for the game’s potential growth.

It has been long since Riot games has given the fans something to look up to but, recently a leaked video of LOL Mobile version has surfaced on a League of Legends mobile Facebook group. It is believed that the footage was taken from Chinese media and then posted by one of the group’s members. Riot Games has decided to stay silent regarding the matter but such an outbreak of leaked content can confirm the news that a mobile version of League of Legends is well underway.

The new leaked video is so intricate that it shows detailed aspects of the game right from button placement to the overall functionality of the game. If you’re too curious to find out then you can see the latest leaked video right here:

This level of detailing shows the effort that would go into a legitimate title instead of a fake leak. Additionally, it shows part of the game besides just in-game footage and an actor using the phone instead of just on-screen footage. Taking into consideration all the evidence, we think that this leak most likely, is credible and the world of mobile gaming is about to be altered forever. Without a doubt, League of Legends will dominate across all app stores and fans will finally be given what they have been waiting for.


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