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LCK 2023 Summer: Results, Teams, Schedule, and More

The League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) Summer Split 2023, a thrilling chapter in the world of esports, is well underway. As a vital event on the esports calendar, it has attracted a lot of attention, and with good reason. This guide aims to cover everything you need to know about this season’s riveting LCK Summer Split​​.

An Introduction to LCK 2023 Summer Split

The LCK 2023 Summer Split is the second half of the third year of Korea’s professional League of Legends championship under the partnership model. Ten top-tier teams compete in a double round-robin format, where the top six qualify for the much-anticipated Summer Playoffs. The matches are conducted in a best-of-three format, and the top two teams get an advantage with a bye to the semi-finals​.

LCK 2023 Summer Split: Teams and standings

The regular games of the LCK 2023 Summer Split are scheduled over a span of nine weeks, with five days of high-octane action each week. The season kicked off on the 7th of June with an exciting best-of-three series between KT Rolster and Hanwha Life Esports. Another highlight of the day was the intense face-off between Dplus Kia and Liiv Sandbox. The specific schedules, including timings in Central European Time (CET), are subject to change as per the official broadcast by Riot Games​​.

S. noTeamRecord
1⁠⁠Gen.G (GEN)7 – 0
2⁠⁠KT Rolster (KT)7 – 1
3⁠⁠T15 – 2
4⁠⁠Hanwha Life Esports (HLE)4 – 3
5⁠⁠Dplus KIA (DK)4 – 4
6⁠⁠Kwangdong Freecs (KDF)3 – 4
7⁠⁠Liiv SANDBOX (LSB)2 – 5
8⁠⁠DRX2 – 6
9⁠⁠OKSavingsBank BRION (BRO)2 – 6
10⁠⁠Nongshim RedForce (NS)1 – 6

Schedule for LCK Summer Split

After the regular season, the action moves to the Playoffs. The top six teams from the Summer Season participate in the Playoffs, which are held over nine weeks. The Playoffs follow a double elimination bracket starting from Round 2. The 1st and 2nd seed teams receive a bye to Round 2, while the 3rd to 6th seeds start in Round 1, with the losers being eliminated. All matches in the Playoffs are in a best-of-five format, and the victorious team earns automatic qualification for the Worlds 2023​.

Week 1: 7th to 11th June

DateMatchTime (CET)ScoreWinner
7th JuneKT vs HLE10:00 AM2-1⁠⁠KT Rolster
DK vs LSB12:30 PM2-0⁠⁠Dplus KIA
8th JuneKDF vs DRX10:00 AM2-0⁠⁠Kwangdong Freecs
BRO vs NS12:30 PM1-2Nongshim RedForce
9th JuneKT vs GEN10:00 AM1-2⁠⁠Gen.G
T1 vs HLE12:30 PM2-1⁠⁠T1
10th JuneLSB vs NS8:00 AM2-0⁠⁠Liiv SANDBOX
KDF vs BRO10:30 AM2-0⁠⁠Kwangdong Freecs
11th JuneDRX vs DK8:00 AM1-2Dplus KIA
GEN vs T110:30 AM2-1⁠⁠Gen.G

Week 2: 14th to 18th June

DateMatchTime (CET)ScoreWinner
14th JuneHLE vs DRX10:00 AM2-0⁠⁠Hanwha Life Esports
GEN vs KDF12:30 PM2-0⁠⁠Gen.G
15th JuneT1 vs LSB10:00 AM2-0T1
DK vs BRO12:30 PM1-2OKSavingsBank BRION
16th JuneNS vs GEN10:00 AM0-2Gen.G
DRX vs KT12:30 PM0-2⁠⁠KT Rolster
17th JuneHLE vs KDF8:00 AM2-0Hanwha Life Esports
BRO vs T110:30 AM0-2T1
18th JuneLSB vs KT8:00 AM0-2KT Rolster
DK vs NS10:30 AM2-0Dplus KIA

Week 3: 21st to 25th June

DateMatchTime (CET)ScoreWinner
21st JuneLSB vs BRO10:00 AM2-1⁠⁠Liiv SANDBOX
KDF vs T112:30 PM0-2T1
22nd JuneGEN vs DRX10:00 AM2-0⁠⁠Gen.G
KT vs DK12:30 PM2-0⁠⁠KT Rolster
23rd JuneKDF vs NS10:00 AM2-0Kwangdong Freecs
HLE vs LSB12:30 PM2-1Hanwha Life Esports
24th JuneDK vs GEN8:00 AM1-2⁠⁠Gen.G
T1 vs KT10:30 AM0-2⁠⁠KT Rolster
25th JuneNS vs DRX8:00 AM1-2⁠⁠DRX
BRO vs HLE10:30 AM0-2Hanwha Life Esports

Week 4: 28th June to 2nd July

DateMatchTime (CET)ScoreWinner
28th JuneHLE vs DK10:00 AM0-2Dplus KIA
KT vs KDF12:30 PM2-0⁠⁠KT Rolster
29th JuneGEN vs BRO10:00 AM2-0⁠⁠Gen.G
DRX vs LSB12:30 PM2-1⁠⁠DRX
30th JuneKT vs NS10:00 AM2-0⁠⁠KT Rolster
T1 vs DK12:30 PM2-0T1
1st JulyBRO vs DRX8:00 AM2-1⁠⁠OKSavingsBank BRION
LSB vs KDF10:30 AM0-1TBD
2nd JulyGEN vs HLE8:00 AM0-0TBD
NS vs T110:30 AM0-0TBD

Fans can join the excitement of the LCK Summer Split live on the official LCK Twitch channel. For those who missed the live action, the LCK Global YouTube channel provides match highlights and other related videos to ensure fans stay updated on all the happenings in the LCK Summer Split 2023​​.

This season promises to be an exciting journey for both the teams and the fans. Whether you are a fan of a particular team or just love the thrill of esports, the LCK 2023 Summer Split is an event you don’t want to miss.

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