Krafton to host BGMI Showdown with ₹15 Lakh prize pool

Krafton is going to host a new Battlegrounds Mobile India tournament called as BGMI Showdown. This tournament is a special event that will be a pathway for an Indian team to get the invitational slot of PMWI Afterparty 2022.

Earlier, it was revealed that India will get one more slot for PMWI apart from the BMPS winning slot and BGMI Showdown is the event added unplanned to the 2022 esports calendar to fulfill this requirement.

PMWI 2022 stands for PUBG Mobile World Invitational and this is the biggest PUBG Mobile tournament of the year. This event is divided into two parts with a main event and an “Afterparty” event. Team Soul is already representing India in the main event and Krafton is now organizing BGMI Showdown to fill the second seeded slot.

BGMI Showdown will be hosted over the next week from 21st July to 24th July and the total prize pool of this event is going to be ₹15,00,000. The bifurcation of this amount is not clarified by the officials yet.

A total of 24 teams will participate in this event and looking at the time frame, these slots could be fulfilled by an invitational mode only. The tournament will also take place in Delhi in a LAN format and the winner will be getting a slot for PMWI Afterparty.

PMWI Afterparty is a different event altogether as the top five teams from the main event are invited for the afterparty. This second half of PMWI also has a massive prize pool of $1 million, making it one of the biggest PUBG Mobile and BGMI event of the calendar.

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