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Krafton India Esports Bans Eight Teams in Its Second BGIS 2024 Ban Wave

Krafton India Esports has banned eight more teams from the ongoing Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) 2024 due to the violation of the tournament’s Code of Conduct/Ruleset. The announcement was made on the official Instagram handle of Krafton India Esports following the conclusion of Round 1 of the tournament and just one day prior to the commencement of Round 2.

Krafton India Esports Takes Action Against Eight Teams for BGIS 2024 Violations

In an official statement, Krafton India Esports declared that the following teams have been banned from participating in BGIS 2024 due to violations of the tournament’s Code of Conduct/Ruleset:

  • Carbon7
  • Atletico Marathas
  • Valhalla Esports
  • Edge Mavericks
  • TeamBRO6
  • Team No Scope
  • Peaky Blinders
  • Detonation Gaming 

According to the announcement post, these violations included the use of unauthorized software modifications and collaboration with players equipped with cheating devices, actions that directly undermine the spirit of fair competition.

This crackdown on misconduct follows a prior ban wave where four teams – Five Filter Esports, Megastars Gaming, Instinct Outliers, and Tense Esports – were banned for similar violations following the completion of BGIS 2024: The Grind.

Points Redistribution and Updated Seedings for BGIS 2024

In response to the ban, Krafton India Esports has implemented measures to maintain competitive balance and fairness in BGIS 2024. The accumulated points of the disqualified teams will be redistributed equally among the remaining teams in their respective groups, ensuring that no team is unfairly disadvantaged. Additionally, the seedings for upcoming matches will be revised based on the new point totals, guaranteeing equitable conditions for all participants.

Krafton India Esports is taking stringent actions to solve the growing problem of cheaters and maintain a fair environment in the game. With the recent ban of 12 teams within just weeks of the tournament, the organization is sending a clear message about the consequences of violating the tournament’s rules. As BGIS 2024 progresses, all eyes will be on Krafton India Esports to see how it navigates any further breaches of the Code of Conduct/Ruleset

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