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COD Mobile Season 5 Weapon Nerfs and Buffs Leaked

The ever-evolving battlefield of Call of Duty Mobile is set for another shake-up with the upcoming Season 5 update. Leaks have surfaced, revealing a slew of weapon balance changes that are poised to redefine the game’s meta. In this article, we’ll delve into the specifics of these adjustments and how they might impact your gameplay.

COD Mobile Season 5 Weapon Nerfs and Buffs

Slowing Down the MG42

The MG42, a favorite among heavy gunners, will see a slight decrease in base movement speed, dropping from 4.39m/s to 4.28m/s. This change may encourage players to adopt a more stationary playstyle, prioritizing positioning over mobility.

Tweaking the LW3 Tundra

Snipers using the LW3 Tundra will need to adjust to a longer base Aim Down Sight (ADS) time, now increased from 480ms to 500ms. This tweak could challenge snipers to be more deliberate with their shots, as quick-scoping becomes slightly less efficient.

PKM Swap Speed Enhanced

The PKM machine gun will benefit from improved weapon swap in and out speeds, now faster at 0.76/0.55s from the previous 0.84/0.57s. This buff might make the PKM a more viable option in situations where quick reflexes are crucial.

COD Mobile Season 5

Bruen MK9 Gets a Damage Boost

The Bruen MK9 light machine gun will now pack a heavier punch with an increased upper torso damage multiplier, going from 1x to 1.1x. This enhancement could make the Bruen MK9 a more lethal choice in gunfights.

Groza’s Extended Reach

The Groza assault rifle will see an increase in damage range, extending from 13-22 to 13-26. This change could solidify the Groza’s role as a mid-range powerhouse.

Faster Reloads for ASM10

The ASM10 assault rifle will benefit from reduced reload times, with tactical reload time dropping to 1.13s and empty reload time to 1.5s. This improvement will likely make the ASM10 a more attractive option for players who value a quick return to action.

HBRa3’s Sprint to Fire Speed

The HBRa3 assault rifle will become slightly more agile with a reduced sprint-to-fire speed, now at 160ms from the previous 170ms. This adjustment may appeal to aggressive players who rely on speed and responsiveness.

Equipment and Scorestreak Changes

SAM Turret More Accessible

The SAM Turret scorestreak will now require a lower activation score, decreasing from 660 to 620. This change could lead to more frequent anti-aircraft defenses in matches.

Concussion Grenade’s Expanded Effect

The Concussion Grenade will have an increased area of effect (AOE), expanding from 6m to 8m. This enhancement could make the Concussion Grenade a more effective tool for crowd control.

Flash Drone’s Increased Range

Similarly, the Flash Drone will see an increase in AOE, now at 16m from the previous 15m. This adjustment might make the Flash Drone a more formidable piece of tactical equipment.

Havoc Buff’s Precision

Lastly, the Havoc Buff will receive an increase in its accuracy score. While the specifics of this change are not detailed, it suggests a potential improvement in the weapon’s handling or recoil management.

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