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What Does Eco Mean in Valorant?

Valorant just like every other competitive FPS game has introduced players to a complex and strategic in-game economy system. One of the critical aspects of this system is the concept of “Eco” rounds, which can significantly impact the outcome of a match. In this guide, we’ll find out what Eco rounds are, their importance, and how to navigate them effectively.

What is an Eco Round?

An Eco round in Valorant refers to a situation where a team has insufficient funds to equip themselves fully for the round.

This typically occurs when each player has 2000 credits or less, leading them to either refrain from buying or to purchase only a pistol.

The primary goal during an Eco round is to conserve credits for future rounds, where a full buy-in can be made.

What Does Eco Mean in Valorant?

The Importance of Eco Rounds

Eco rounds are a strategic element that can help prevent a team from playing at a constant disadvantage.

By carefully managing resources during these rounds, teams can avoid depleting their funds and maintain a competitive edge in subsequent rounds.

The idea is not necessarily to win the Eco round but to minimize financial losses and set the team up for a stronger position later on.

Tips for Dominating Eco Rounds

To make the most of an Eco round, players should consider the following strategies:

  • Hold an Off Angle: Position yourself in unexpected spots to catch opponents off guard.
  • Stack a Site: Concentrate your team’s defense on one site to increase the chances of thwarting the enemy’s attack.
  • Choose the Right Weapons: Opt for cost-effective guns like the Frenzy, Sheriff, or Stinger, which can still deal significant damage without breaking the bank.
  • Aim for a Thrifty: If you manage to win an Eco round, known as a “Thrifty,” you’ll gain free weapons and save credits, putting your team in an excellent position to win subsequent rounds.
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