Photo: StarLadder

Health should be the prime priority in life. Sometimes, it’s worth it to put it ahead of your hobbies, passion or even your career. Markus “Kjaerbye” Kjærbye seems to have set an example in proving the point as he announces going on an indefinite break from competitive CS due to his physical problems.

The Danish CSGO pro who had shifted from Astralis to North in early 2018 has announced through a recent tweet that he wants to “listen to his body”.

Over the past couple of months, Kjaerbye claimed to have been experiencing abdominal pain, breathing problems and even chest cramps. He mentioned that he was having difficulty playing the game he loves “on the highest level.”

“I have come to a point, where I need to listen to my body,” Kjaerbye said, “and give it time to recover fully. I don’t know when I’ll be back on the server but, I do know that I need a break.”

He concluded his tweet by thanking his family, fans and the North team for understanding and supporting him in these troubling times.

DreamHack wished him a speedy recovery which was attached with a clip of kjaerbye showcasing a 3K with a Galil on Nuke.

His announcement cleared things up about him missing North’s previous matches in ESL: Road to Rio. What’s commendable is despite that, North successfully made it to the play-offs.