Kai Cenat is the first Afro-American Twitch streamer to reach 200K subs on Twitch

Kai Cenat has been one of the most popular names across Twitch in recent times and recently has become the first African-American streamer on the Amazon-owned streaming platform to reach 200K subscribers.

Cenat has been growing in popularity in recent times and his fans have witnessed him growing through the ranks to become the first person of colour to achieve this feat only a few people have surpassed 200K subs much less someone of colour.

Cenat has been the face of his community on Twitch for the longest time and represented the African-American culture while fighting for his place in the hyper-competitive space which wasn’t always welcoming to the likes of him.

Cenat was surrounded by his loved ones waiting for the sub counter to hit 200K and broke into celebrations when it did. The happiness was very evident and we could clearly tell what it meant for him and his family.

Cenat at one point has a name every thought of when voting for “streamer of the year” and some of the big shots of the industry agreed. “Kai has not only elevated himself, he elevated an entire new community to Twitch. It’s just the truth, he f*** did. Kai has also done more content, puts in more work.” said Mizkif.

 “Kai actually is an entertainer, unlike a lot of streamers. You could actually put Kai into a room with somebody, and he’ll actually be able to make it entertaining when a lot of streamers would hurdle up into a ball and cry. The dude is an entertainer at the end of the day, he is.” he added.

Cenat has reached heights and will only go upwards from here.

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