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In a bid to raise awareness about disabled gaming, Japan will be hosting the world’s first disabled-friendly League Of Legends tournament during the Gunma Esports Festival in Japan. Four teams of five players each will be competing with each other for a prize of one million yen. The teams will only consist of gamers that aren’t able-bodied and will be provided with all necessary equipments.

The fact that esports and gaming is not limited to able-bodied is what makes this tournament unique and first of its kind.

Many companies have also come forward with idea and products that makes gaming for differently-abled gamers easier and more accessible. Like Microsoft launched a special Xbox Adaptive Controller which adapts to the needs of the individual and is highly customisable making gaming for differently-abled gamers easier.

While some may say that competitive esports is only limited to able-bodied participants as esports athletes need to be in top form. But this is where the lack of awareness arises. There are many ways by which a differently-abled gamer can compete in games and in some cases even out skills the able-bodied players.

With tournaments like this, Japan and the organisers aims to raise awareness about the talented differently-able gamers that can even compete in high skilled tournaments that are exclusive to abled-bodied gamers. The event is set to take place on the 31st August and will be a part of the ongoing Esports Festival. It is organised by Onelife Inc, a company that provides adaptive equipments for the players in order to better be able to use the devices needed to play.

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