Continuing on our TalkEsport’s Interact series, where we feature talent from the esports circuit. Our featurette for the day is Rahul “t1to” Sridhar. Tito is currently playing for Global Esports after having played on 2ez Gaming, the team he joined in June 2017. Tito does not only play the game professionally, but he also streams the game frequently and has an entertaining personality while streaming.

Malav: How did your journey to play CSGO professionally begin?

t1to: It all started when Tejas ‘Rex’ Kotian approached me in June 2017 to join them in 2EZ. I was a big fan of rex, so for me, it was a no-brainer and I decided to hop on-board the opportunity without hesitating. This was one of the best decisions of my life 😀

We wanted to work with a professional organization that could take us to the next step and aim higher for us. When we did our research it seemed like a no-brainer that Global eSports was the right fit for where we wanted to go. We also wanted to show our parents that we can have a great career in esports and showing the presence and growth of Global eSports internationally and their faith in us really helped that. We’re really happy to be part of an organization like GE where they truly put ‘Players First’

Malav: How do you see the Indian CSGO scene 10 years down the line?

t1to: I can’t really comment on that since I truly do not know where CS will go in the coming years. I know that Indian Esports will peak a lot, we’ll be a Tier 1 Esports Nation.

Malav: What is your main goal regarding CSGO in the next 5 years?

t1to: I want my team to set benchmarks in the Indian esports scene. I want to achieve and experience much greater goals and I want to leave a strong and successful legacy behind for the people who follow in our footstep. It’s time to put India on the map.

Malav: Can you expand a bit about what happened in Global Esports? Why did Antidote leave the team and what about Kamil and Zorineq?

t1to: Kamil and Zorineq had only come down for COBX and we all knew that was the deal going in. They had other commitments which held them back for a long term stint. We got to learn a great deal from both of them and hope we can play together again sometime soon. Antidote was benched earlier last month and is now loaned out to signify. He is a close friend and I’m looking forward to seeing what comes up in his career next and wish him all the best regardless of where the journey takes him.

Malav: What was the situation with 2ez? Why did you decide to leave the organization?

t1to: We wanted to work with an organisation that could take us to the next step and aim higher for us. We also wanted to show our parents that we can have a great career in esports. So we approached Global Esports during Dreamhack Mumbai after that things went upwards and I’m delighted to be part of an organisation like GE 🙂

Malav: Recently, Global Esports added Haivaan, Badman, and HellRanger, why did you pick them?

t1to: Yes, during the shuffle, we were looking at all aspect and possibilities of how we wanted to shape our roster. Rex and I had Haivaan, Badman, Hellranger, and Falken as our ideal picks for the roster. We spoke with management and decided to move forward with our choices.

Malav: How do you keep yourself calm before a game?

t1to: I’m always calm before our matches, I don’t really do anything special to make myself calm. But yeah, during the games, sometimes you lose your focus and your nerves start to get to you. I’ve learned to not let these things affect me from my past experience. I’ve grown a lot as a player, in-game and outside the game.

Malav: What is your warmup routine before a game?

t1to: I don’t have a specific routine, but at the GE boot camp, we do have a schedule designed for us that we follow. Our coach prioritizes warm-up drills and sessions before we start our day. It helps us prepare for the upcoming scrims and matches.

Malav: One teammate, that you miss playing with?

t1to: There’s two actually, Shinchan and Poki. Poki and I were very close in-game and outside the game. It’s sad that we’re not teammates now, but that’s just how life is. I’m super happy with my new teammates. Initially, I thought it’ll take time for me to mix in with everyone but it’s been a super smooth transition. All of us have gelled really well together and have a strong bond ^_^

Malav: Can you tell us the story behind UMP: Pranav Nalawade?

t1to: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA it’s no big deal. And it’s a funny inside joke and I would like to keep it that way:D

Malav: What would you be doing if you weren’t playing CSGO right now?

t1to: Honestly, not a clue. I can’t imagine life without CS. It’s pretty much the only thing I think about. I wouldn’t know what I would be doing, only that I wouldn’t be as happy as I am now.

Thank you t1to for generous responses. We wish you all the best for your endeavours with Global Esports!