Earlier We had reported that Global Esports is allegedly looking forward to sign Counter-Strike: Global Offensive squad. It is now a reality as the Indian organisation has acquired the service of ex-2EZ core and a couple of Polish players.

Global Esports’ CS:GO division –

  • [flag=in] Sabyasachi “Antidote” Bose
  • [flag=in] Rahul “t1toSAVAGE” Sridhar
  • [flag=in] Tejas “Rexy” Kotian
  • [flag=in] Chinmay “PokI” Mehta
  • [flag=pl] Adrian “Zorineq” Kołodziejski
  • [flag=pl] Kamil “kamil” Kamiński

Sabyasachi needs no introduction. 22 year-old lad from Kolkata has shown his class with the AWP under OpTic India tag and boasts 1.17 rating. He has displayed substantial numbers at ESL Pro League Season 8 – Asia and Toyota Master Bangkok 2018 SEA Qualifier against the best of Asia. Ex-OpTic star is regarded as one of the best AWPers in the subcontinent alongside HuNtr.

Rahul has been in 2EZ’s camp since a year and a half. Ever since his arrival, 20 year-old has added additional firepower into the lineup. Earlier on February 12, Tito and Antidote had officially announced their departure from 2EZ Gaming as the ESL India Premiership concluded a week prior. Both of them have been acquired by another Mumbai based organisation, Global Esports to seize their partially earned glory.

Tejas is reckoned for his raw firepower and excellent raw skills beside 1.14 rating. Although he did not officially announce his departure from 2EZ Gaming, 21 year-old has also been signed by Global Esports. Tejas boasts of excellent aim and firepower and alongside Rahul, Rexy has also been a part of 2EZ for a year and a half. Both of them have had commendable results as a duo under previous organisation.

Chinmay had been playing along with Rex and Tito since little more than a year but recently, Entity Gaming signed him after the ESL India Premiership Winter Finale. Within less than a month, 21 year-old is transferred to Global Esports where he is united alongside his former teammates.

Coming down to Adrian and Kamil, both the Poles have played for Team Pride and the Pride Academy prior to joining Global Esports. This marks entry of another Indian majority squad alongside a couple of foreign talent after Signify and Entity. It will be interesting to analyse their role in the Indian or SEA Counter-Strike.

This partnership between Entity Gaming and Global eSports marks the first step in player transfers in the esports scene for India. We’re glad that organizations like Global Esports and Entity Gaming are establishing this benchmark for the esports environment in India. This will enable further development for player infrastructure and grow the scene while maintaining International standards

Global Esports is glad to bring the working principles from the International scene to India, last week we finalized the transfer of Global Esports PKR DPS player ‘Water’ to Los Angeles Gladiators. We’re looking forward to setting a benchmark to further the goals of players and establish norms for inter-organization co-operation in eSports

Dr. Rushindra Sinha, Global Esports CEO & Founder

If we look closely, Global Esports has signed a 6 man roster. On being questioned about the distinctive step, Global Esports responded:

We want to work on a rotating roster. It is standard practice for us, we do even with our overwatch and fortnite teams, it also eases off the stress on the rest of the players allowing more off time and at the same time ensure the team always has a full roster for all scrims or tournaments. We prefer a larger main roster instead of substitutes and stand-ins.