It’s Thorin vs Astralis over at Twitter

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It’s a war of words between CSGO Analyst Duncan Thorin Sheilds and the Danish Esports organization, Astralis Group. The subject of this debate is their recent move to bench Xyp9x, which the Thorin believes, has more to do with the players than the organizations.

Astralis’ CEO, in a blog post on their official website owed up to the fact that they indeed are proud of having more than five members in their team. They further strengthened their intentions by regretting it should’ve done earlier. The whole point of the blogpost was to shun out critiques who were calling names to the Astralis Group for having 7 players.

However, what came in as a shocker was a revelation from Thorin, about Astralis players being denied a break. Thorin said, “That’s rich when you won’t give your players a break until they force your hand with a medical note from a doctor.”

Furthermore, Thorin even slammed Astralis for calling their players “liars” or simply not caring enough as much as they were pretending.

The epicenter of this controversy was a post by Astralis, titled “What should have been done a long time ago,” suggesting that their move to have more than five players was overdue.

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