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IShowSpeed and Adin Ross both swatted on livestream

Popular streamer and content creator Darren “IShowSpeed” Watkins Jr. was recently swatted while live on stream which ended up in him being in handcuffs.

Esports insider Jake Lucky Tweeted a clip showing three police officers putting IShowSpeed in handcuffs with people saying that he was swatted. The police officers forced them to shut the camera down and the interrogation continued off-camera.

Adin Ross swatted on livestream

IShowSpeed’s swatting situation happened right after streamer Adin Ross, was also swatted during a gambling stream. Three police officers blasted in a searched in a hostile manner with weapons out.

Jake Lucky and others informed the two streamers being swatted so close to one another, especially since Adin Ross had been “swatted” in the past during a fan meetup, which ended up being a prank but unlike last time IShowSpeed really had been swatted.

With increasing chances of getting swatted, streamers must put extra attention in keeping their address private to avoid any such things in future.

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