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Is Legolas From The Lord Of The Rings Joining MultiVersus?

MultiVersus is a newly launched fighting game launched by Warner Bros, Interactive media. It has a lot of characters from DC, Disney and other major catalogues and there are rumours that Legolas from LOTR is joining the Multiversus soon. Here is what we know about it.

The developers of MultiVersus are already doing an exceptional job by adding more and more interesting characters to the game. It has already been confirmed that Rick and Morty are joining the game and to spice it up even more, a collaboration with Lord of the Rings might be on the horizon.

The characters currently present in MultiVersus do not resemble or represent anybody from LOTR even a little bit but some evidence point out that they are present in the game, but not on the screen.

Data miners have already found evidence like Gandalf and the Eye of Sauron were spotted in the game files itself. This does not directly imply that Legolas is joining MultiVersus but the hints are pretty strong.

In a recent tweet posted by Tony Huynh, the Game Director of MultiVersus, a character with bow and arrows might join the game. This refers to two characters like Green Arrow and Legolas but the in-game files tell a story which favours the latter.

The developers of this game have not confirmed the introduction of LOTR in MultiVersus saga in any capacity but all the hints point towards the release of Legolas in MultiVersus with the launch of Season One.

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