Is kid LAROI coming to Fortnite? Release date rumored

Epic Games is known to collaborate with popular content creators to cater to those playing Fortnite in an attempt for them to never get bored out of lack of content. In the past, we have seen popular names like MrBeast finding their way into the game and now speculations have surfaced indicating Kid LAROI coming to Fortnite.

Fans can expect a lot out of this collaboration, with singers previously hosting digital concerts in the game like Travis Scott and Ariana Grande, Kid LAROI might follow suit given his success in 2022. It is for sure that the crossover will come with tons of side quests and events that fans can enjoy but nothing can be said for certain.

Photo via CharlieIntel.

When is Fortnite x The Kid LAROI crossover?

As suggested by Insider Gaming, the collaboration between Fortnite and The Kid LAROI is likely to come to fruition around the 24th and 25th of January. According to the report, there will likely be an in-game concert like Travis Scott and Ariana Grande and a plethora of events surrounding it.

As of now all of this is based on a report and nothing is confirmed. Only time can tell what happens and if there will be a concert at all. However, the leaks are from legitimate sources and fans are well within their rights to get excited.

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