In what could be one of the most anticipated moves of 2018 in the Indian CSGO fraternity, Eternal Esports has reportedly released their active lineup. The players have been asked to look out for ventures says our sources close to the organization.

Eternal Esports have been enroute a rough since their squad left the organization mid-way to form a new one.

While we had earlier predicted this move of Eternal opting out of the Indian scene and making their way to the International scene, their players would not have expected this to mature too soon.

The social handles of the players also suggest that something has been going severely wrong within the organization between the management and the players. Or, the change of plans by the owners of Eternal Esports may not have been addressed to the players in the correct way.

This move comes as a shocker for a reason that only a week ago, Eternal Gaming beat Ate Gaming in a best of five, to win GodsofGaming.

Although nothing seems to be officially out, we expect the responsible people to announce things officially. With the existing team scheduled to be let go, we’ll also be able to see where the new chapter will begin.

The fallout can also be confirmed as the facebook page of Eternal Esports no longer exists.