Eternal Esports’ Astarr quits due to unknown reasons, former manager claims legal action

Looks like the dust has not been settled yet at the Esports fraternity of India as Eternal Esport’s Astarr quits his team for undisclosed reasons. Early reports by AFK Gaming suggests that Sid Joshi, manager of Entity Gaming, pursued legal actions against their players for quitting the team on such a short notice. The report also suggests that more players will be under the scanner of the legal battle.

UPDATED: We’ve reports which suggest that there is little or no connection between Astarr choosing to quit professional gaming and the legal action by Entity Gaming. We took the extract from the statements given by the parties to AFKGaming. This could just be a smart social media gimmick by the claimant to gain some mileage in the ongoing battle.

UPDATE 2: To bring the truth out of the nuisance, we tried to contact the parties involved and got to know more about this ongoing fuss. Other than being shocked, I was perplexed to know the other side of the story.

The truth remains, Astarr indeed have quit Eternal Gaming, in fact, he has temporarily quit gaming for good. And he is also apologetic about leaving Entity abruptly in the middle of the night without proper permission. The two statements are true but in different contexts.

We reached out to Gautam Mengi for more information on this, where he quoted:

“There’s no legal action taken yet, though I’ve heard another party is trying very hard to gain media attention by spreading false news, I understand they are hurt but this is just beyond funny, only a person with such petty brains can come up with this.”

When you thought Luminosity and SK Gaming were having the craziest courtroom battle, Eternal and Entity knocked the door. The Indian forces have made their way to a not so pleasant ending as legal actions are being proposed by the management of Entity Gaming.

Even when everyone saw this coming, it still trembles the community by a shocker.

The report further claims that this is not the end and that Astarr was the first one to receive the flak and there are “more to come.” Ironically, it was reported just a couple of days ago that things were settled and Entity Gaming have their own lineup now ready to compete with Eternal Esports. It is still yet unknown what the intensity of the legal action is, but it is quite evident that it is not just a game anymore.

The fact of the matter remains that the introduction of new rosters and organizations also invites professionalism, which our beloved individuals take extraordinarily causal.

It is also to note that Astarr had to apologize his former employer to make sure things are settled. His statement, “I would like to officially apologize to Entity Gaming” reveals how seriously Entity Gaming took the matter in their hands when their roster departed overnight to their rivals.

Sid Joshi reclaimed his version on the organization’s take, “We will continue to pursue legal recourse against the remaining players and management of Eternal Esports.” which includes:

  • Tejas ‘ace’ Sawant
  • Karan ‘Excali’ Mhaswadkar
  • Bharat Kiran ‘Ribbi’ Reddy
  • Gautam Mengi (owner/manager)

So what unfolded this melodramatic move?

It was when Eternal Esport’s Gautam Mengi went to on buying spree, and astoundingly bought the Entity Gaming CSGOs quad overnight. The news spread like wildfire when it was reported that Entity Gaming now has no players to workout with their CSGO roster. Entity Gaming, then, went on to threaten legal actions against the players and the management for not following the right way for exiting their team mid-way.

Ofcourse, the warnings were taken very lightly, and as days progressed, Entity Gaming eventually found the perfect replacement (ex-Eternal players) for their organization.

Today, as we see, Entity Gaming has finally managed to persuade Astarr into believing that a legal action is not what he will be glad about, and hence, the best option remains to quit.