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Entity Gaming announce fresh CSGO squad

Entity Gaming is on a roller coaster from the time they ventured into CSGO. From acquiring teams to merging them and later disbanding, they have struggled a lot.

After all the uncovered melodrama which included mud-slinging between the players and organization in a previous couple of weeks, Entity Gaming has now announced their new CSGO squad.

Familiar with the players you’d be if you follow the scene, the Entity has reasoned with the Eternal Gaming frontrunner to play under their title. In short, Entity and Eternal have swapped their key players.

Bhawin ‘HellRanger’ Kotwani, the Eternal chief now guards Entity Gaming. Whereas, Tejas ‘Ace’ Sawant & co. from Entity Gaming now leads Eternal Gaming.

Entity Gaming CSGO Squad – November 2017

  • Simar ‘psy’ Sethi
  • Anuj ‘Amaterasu’ Sharma
  • Bhawin ‘HellRanger’ Kotwani
  • Agneya ‘Marzil’ Kaushik
  • Aaqib ‘Falken’ Dingankar

Although the lineup was floating in the space from quite sometime now, it is tough to determine the outcomes after the sun goes down. Perhaps, the Entity Gaming new CSGO squad has been officially revealed by the organization on their facebook page.

Entity Gaming came into existence almost thirteen months ago. Things have changed a lot since then and Entity has branded themselves as Entity Gaming for good.

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