Taco talks about his future

After getting benched from SK Gaming, Espacito “TACO” de Melo has provided some in-depth answers to fans on a Reddit AMA – including his plans for the future, and SK’s plans following his departure.

TACO left SK Gaming on the evening of March 22. A few hours before that, flickshot.fr reported that the organization had started negotiations with Natus Vincere and reached a tender for a penalty for Simpl. Arseny ceh9 Trinozhenko said that for the contract of any player the team will have to pay about a million dollars. On 23 March, NaVi CEO Evgeniy Zolotaryov said that s1mple and flamie were still in the team. After that the founder flickshot.fr Guillaume neL Canelo said that SK had difficulties with selecting a player instead of TACO.

Despite the rumors which reported that two of the Na’Vi players Aleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev and Egor “flamie” Vasilyev would be joining SK Gaming, although that was later quashed by the Na’Vi CEO.

TACO revealed about his future plans in a Reddit AMA :

When asked about the negativity he received during his time with the SK roster, Taco said :

When asked about the future for the SK Gaming, TACO wrote :

“I still live in the house of SK Gaming, but I have no right to say what is happening there because it’s not part of the team anymore. I can only say that the comrades already have a substitute for me.”

What comes next for the 23-year-old Brazilian is unclear, but this AMA session really makes it feels like he is getting somewhat annoyed with being left at the curb.

As mentioned in the statement, he is currently listening to all offers from potential teams, and with his long list of top placements coupled with his veteran experience, he is sure to be an attractive prospect to numerous organizations.