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iBUYPOWER may have hired a Lawyer to seek justice regarding banned players

A devil’s advocate may be a proverb which often is metaphorically compared as someone with point of disagreement and willing committing to the different ideology in terms of generous topics. In the case of scandals and match-fixing allegations which surfaced last year into the CSGO scenario as the biggest scams which went unnoticed for long.


The top-notch NA organization, iBP whose players were accused of having unconventional advantage over losing a game on purpose were recently handed a ban for lifetime by Valve; for having being involved sham scam of match-fixing and purposely throwing away games for thousands of dollars.  There were mixed-up feedbacks and perspective to the decision rule out by Valve which eventually means ending the careers of the involved players in the CSGO for a lifetime which also effected the reputation of the brand iBUYPOWER and the organization as a whole, in itself.

iBP matchfixing

Pointed on by a Reddit user which goes by the name eNt_, iBP may have hired a law consultancy firm to deal with the damages and to stand by the contrary of the ruling out by Valve Corp.  We still don’t know what would be the fate of the players who got their career ended, but not to forget, ShaZam still remains unbanned and continues to play for OpTiC Gaming, even though he was allegedly involved in the scandal.

Sajid Paik
Sajid Paikhttp://www.talkesport.com
A HUGE fan of Valve Corporation. Sajid in his free time never spares to dig what Steam is working with and what they come up with to make the world a better place.


  1. Bullshit, ShahZam does not play for Cloud9. He plays for OpTic Gaming, the author has no idea about what he’s posting. DpK mate, take care of this.

    And to be on topic, I don’t think iBP can do anything about it. After all, it’s Valve’s game, their rules.

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