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iBP and NetcodeGuides allegedly involved in a cheating scandal

In a reportedly another cheating scandal by top North American Counter Strike roaster, iBUYPOWER (ibp), this time the cheating wasn’t involved with third party softwares, but, intentionally loosing to the other team with distant odds to win big on bettings.

The incident, being the match played between ibp and NetcodeGuides.com which was on 21st of August 2014 of CEVO Professional Season 5, where iBUYPOWER’s strange in-game strategies and tactics lead to the spectators and other professionals being suspicious and smelt, sandbagging.
Leaving no questions unanswered, the team and their management managed to escape the suspicious environment by rulling out the reasons of loosing an unexpected match with a similar unpredictable score line of 16-4.

‘ShahZAM’ from NetcodeGuides.com revealed before the match to a journalist (name undisclosed) about where the match was going to fall, on whose part.



The screenshots from CSGOLounge and the private conversations also shocked the entire community with shame. Most bets in the Counter-Strike group happen on the site Cs:go Lounge, where players wager in-amusement things with true esteem on matches. On account of data gave by the site, we can affirm that Pham put down a few vast wagers on the amusement, actually set so far as to make various records (known as “smurfs”) singularly with the end goal of wagering on this diversion. At the time Cs:go Lounge worker Courtney “Nectar” Timpson had his suspicions and had started his own particular examination concerning the onrushing of sizable wagers encompassing the diversion. He was astounded to find that most of the huge winning wagers on that amusement prompted Pham or individuals on Pham’s Steam companions list.



Duc “cud” Pham, a Vietnamese student in the U.S., has been around the North American professional scene for a while and even played in LunatiK eSports when they won ESEA’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Main Division 15th season. He supplements his income through skins betting and trading—his Steam account advertises the sale of keys for the virtual cases that the game “drops” for players.

“He had nine smurf accounts that he controlled directly that all placed the maximum value bet that they could, yielding a return of $1193.14 value each. Some of these accounts were created specifically to bet on this match. At the time I thought it was strange because he wasn’t much of a ‘YOLO’ better. By that I mean, he would sometimes bet on the underdog but never before this much and never with his smurfs.”

After all these massacre, the latest development which revealed that the match was thrown away by iBUYPOWER intentionally as they made $ 1200 per account on their 9 smurf accounts, shocking isn’t it? Although, the management fails to answer the questions at their convenience, the screenshots thus prove that the match was intentionally lost in the concern of winning huge amounts from bettings.

The result is tedious, but affirmed that ibp are now set to loose their sponsors if more evidence becomes visible. And they also should, because of their internal strategial mischiefs, thousands of fair betters lost their valuables with no suspicion about the fixation of the match.

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