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The MongolZ denied U.S. VISA, detained from attending MLG Columbus Qualifier

In a tragic outcome from one of the most anticipated event in Asia, Team MongolZ who conquered the IEM Taipei qualifiers slot will not be participating at MLG Columbus Qualifier following U.S. Visa denial. Although they are trying to attend IEM Katowice which will be happening in Poland later this year.

The MongolZ

The mainstream discussion after the IEM Taipei was how well the team performed following all the odds. The level of dedication they had shown in terms of travelling entirely into a different nation to compete with the best of the best.

The MongolZ were the underdogs at the event and still managed to loud the crowds of their existence in the pro-scene which was predetermined as they were not considered a Tier 2 team then.


Why was VISA Denied?

The MongolZ

U.S. Embassy at Mongolia denied their VISA application following the unavailability of their returning proofs. Such the procedure at U.S. Embassy for VISA purposes is a messy yet standard method to get VISA approved for everyone. And failing to do so by the applicants The MongolZ got them detained from attending the MLG Columbus Qualifiers.

Even though they got denial of VISA for MLG, they are no less concerned about attending the Katowice either happening later this year at Poland and hoping to get a good game experience.


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