How To Unlock ZRG 20mm In COD Mobile Season 8

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There is a new Sniper Rifle in the town of Call of Duty as a part of Season 8, and for good reason it is in demand, here’s how to help it find its way into your inventory.

Season 8 gravy train has a lot of things, including a new map, new knife, new class and many other incremental changes. Besides all that, two new sniper rifles are introduced. One of which is ZRG 20mm.

How To Unlock ZRG 20mm In COD Mobile

The bolt action sniper rifle come with the latest battle pass. Upon levelling up the battle pass to tier 21, you can have the rifle. However, players do not have to own the battle pass in order to get it, it falls under the free rewards category.

Photo via COD Mobile

Being a bolt action rifle, trades rate of fire for damage. Players can expect it to deal heavy damage despite it being slow to fire.

  • Damage: 95
  • Accuracy: 62
  • Range: 74
  • Fire Rate: 27
  • Mobility: 35
  • Control: 40

This weapon, being a sniper offers plethora of attachments which can help boost its stats. The weapon is fun to play with but fails terrible at close combats for obvious reasons. Pick your arsenal wisely and have fun with this.

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