How to place items in Phasmophobia

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After games like Fall Guys and Among Us, Phasmophobia is the latest talk of the town. The 4-player co-op psychological horror video game by Kinetic Games has taken the internet by storm since its initial release on 18th September this year. The game requires players to band together to hunt down a ghost before it manages to kill all of them.

How To Place Items in Phasmophobia –

If you’re new to Phasmophobia, you might be wondering about how you can place items (like the camera) in the game. Here’s how you do it:

  • Go to your desired location where you want to mount the camera.
  • Press F if you’re playing on a keyboard.
  • Press the left trigger if you’re playing on a controller.

Generally, it’s recommended that players set up the camera at a corner due to the wide view angle it provides.

To rotate the camera, simply press the Left Mouse Button on your mouse or the Left Trigger on your controller.

In case you’re having difficulty finding the camera, it can be obtained from the truck, which you then have to turn on before placing.

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