Phasmophobia Beta Update and Patch Notes

Phasmophobia is the newest talk of the town. The 4-player co-op psychological horror game has gained a surge in popularity over the past few days and steadily risen through the Steam charts.

However, the game has been riddled with server problems and bugs since its release, and it looks like the devs are already working to fix them.

The newest Phasmophobia update has already hit the beta branch of the game and it reveals a bunch of new changes to the game.

Let’s take a look at the patch notes in the latest update:

Phasmophobia Patch Notes October

New Things

  • Added a voice sensitivity slider in the audio options.
  • The text on the Spirit Box will say what the response said.
  • Added a copy button for the server invite code that can be used when the code is hidden.
  • Added text to show the server version on the server password screen.
  • Added a button to enter passwords from your clipboard

Changes Made

  • Upgraded the server code to PUN2. This should fix most timeout disconnects and all voice chat issues.
  • If your voice recognition is working you can no longer get a response on the Spirit Box just by talking, it will now only answer if you asked a question.
  • Updated localisation.
  • Lowered the pitch of the EMF Reader sound.
  • Lowered the brightness of the lights on the main menu.
  • The Australia server has been removed from the region selection.
  • Ghost writing will now count for photo evidence.
  • The lobby room list will no longer show empty or full rooms.
  • Lowered the amount of sanity that you lose during a ghost event.
  • The Ghost Orb and Bone will now spawn more towards the middle of the room.
  • If your voice recognition stops working the Spirit Box will default to giving a random response by talking.
  • The room temperature will no longer raise over time if the ghost leaves the room.
  • Most of the save data has been moved off of the save file to help with optimisation and help prevent save files getting corrupted when you crash.
  • The server invite code will now always be hidden by default.