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Fortnite: How to Get the Tow Hook Cannon

How to Get and Use the Tow Hook Cannon in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 has introduced a plethora of new features and items, one of the most exciting being the Tow Hook Cannon. This guide will walk you through how to find and effectively use this new weapon to gain an edge in your matches.

What is the Tow Hook Cannon?

The Tow Hook Cannon is a new weapon added in Chapter 5 Season 3 of Fortnite. It is a versatile tool that uses Heavy Ammo and can be found as random loot on the ground or in chests scattered across the Battle Royale map. This weapon allows players to fire a grappling hook that attaches to moving vehicles, enabling them to catch a ride behind them.

How to Find the Tow Hook Cannon

Finding the Tow Hook Cannon can be a bit of a challenge since it is a random loot item. Here are some tips to increase your chances of finding one:

  1. Search Ground Loot and Chests: The Tow Hook Cannon can be found as ground loot or in chests. Make sure to thoroughly search buildings, especially in high-traffic areas where loot is abundant.
  2. Visit the Metallica Loot Island POI: The recent 30.10 update has introduced the Metallica Loot Island POI, which is likely to house several Tow Hook Cannons. This new point of interest is a hotspot for finding this weapon.

How to Use the Tow Hook Cannon

Once you have acquired a Tow Hook Cannon, understanding how to use it effectively is crucial. Here are the key functionalities and stats of the weapon:

  • Firing the Hook: The Tow Hook Cannon uses Heavy Ammo to fire a large hook that can attach to any moving vehicle, including Mythic cars and War Buses. This allows you to glide along behind the vehicle, providing a unique mode of transportation and strategic advantage.
  • Range and Damage: The Tow Hook Cannon has a range of 50 meters, making it effective for medium-distance engagements. It deals 75 damage to players, 200 damage to builds, and 300 damage to vehicles.

Strategic Uses

The Tow Hook Cannon is not just a novelty item; it can be strategically used to gain an advantage in various scenarios:

  • Quick Escapes: If you find yourself in a tight spot, use the Tow Hook Cannon to latch onto a passing vehicle and make a quick escape.
  • Ambushes: Attach yourself to a vehicle to stealthily approach enemies or to quickly close the distance for an ambush.
  • Resource Management: Use the cannon to move quickly across the map without consuming other resources like launch pads or vehicles.
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