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How To Download The Halo Infinite Test Flight For PC And Console?

Microsoft’s highly anticipated sequel to the legendary Halo series is almost ready for its release later this year on PC and Xbox consoles with some lucky users getting a chance to try out the beta version of the game now before the full release. 

Halo Infinite Test Flight a.k.a exclusive Beta, is an invite-only beta program that only a selected few will get to try out. The Test Flight of Halo Infinite is free and an early build of the game is provided to each selected participant for download. If you are selected for the Test Flight program then you will receive an email with the invitation to download the latest Test Flight game build.

After receiving the email follow the steps below to download the game on your Xbox consoles or PC. 

For Xbox Consoles 

Halo Infinite is an Xbox-only title meaning you can only play the game on the Xbox platform consoles. For consoles players, the game is available only on Xbox One family and Xbox Series family consoles. 

To download the Halo Infinite Test Flight, head on to the store and download Xbox Insider Hub App. Now open the app in your console and go to the Previews section in the app. Here you will see an entry for Halo Infinite – Insider. Click on it and then press join at the end of the window. 

After joining the Test Flight, hold down the Xbox button on your controller and restart the console. Now once your console boots up, the Xbox Store will get an automatic update which will install the Halo Infinite – Insider app in your library. Now, go to My games & apps, Full Library, and then All owned games to see your entire library. Scroll down until you find Halo Infinite – Insider and download it.

For PC users (Windows only)

Halo Infinite for PC is only available on Windows 10 or above. To download the Test Flight simply visit the Halo Waypoint website and sign in to your account. After sign-in, click on your profile picture on the top right corner of the screen and then select Halo Insider from the drop-down bar. 

A new window will open up, scroll down to the section called My Flights. If you were selected, there will be a new entry for a Halo Infinite Test Preview. To right, under the Additional Info column will be a Steam Key. Note down or copy the key and then open up the Steam client. In Steam, click on “Games” on the top bar and select “Activate a product on Steam.” Paste the steam key you copied before and press OK. Now the game will be registered to your account and will start downloading. 

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