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Halo: Infinite’s next flight to take place on September 24

Halo: Infinite’s last technical preview which took place earlier this July, was fairly successful. The technical preview featured two game modes, Bot Slayer and Weapon Drills. In Bot Slayer, players were pitted against increasingly difficult bots, whereas Weapons Drills featured a competitive, score-based shooting range.

On September 24, 343 will be conducting another technical preview but on a larger scale as it’ll be focused on 4v4 and large scale 12v12 multiplayer, and modes like Bot Slayer and Weapon Drills from the previous test will be returning. The goal of this multiplayer preview will be to gather feedback from all types of Halo players, newbies, and veterans alike.

All participants who register as a Halo Insider before September 13 will be eligible for the upcoming multiplayer preview, unlike the previous technical flight where a handful of Insiders were selected based on their flight history. 

Halo: Infinite’s campaign and free-to-play multiplayer is set to launch on December 8 for PC and Xbox One & Series S|X. 

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