How to change your nickname in Valorant

Want to change your nickname in Valorant? follow these simple steps to do so.

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Valorant is the latest tactical shooter game by Riot Games. The game has been a hit since its launch and has a player base right from the start. The game does not allow players to change their name in the client itself but no need to worry, here is how you can change your Valorant nickname.

Some players have a habit of frequently changing their nicknames and among them, some might not even be satisfied with their input and may have made some typing errors. No matter what you did, there is an easy way to fix that issue. Here is how you can change your Valorant in-game name:

  • Visit the Riot Games website.
  • Log in with your Riot profile.
  • After logging in, go to the Riot ID section. There will be a list of Riot titles running on that account, search for Valorant one.
  • Once you find the Valorant section, enter the new nickname, and in the “#” section click randomize.
  • After submitting, your nickname will be changed.

This is the simplest method to change your nickname in Valorant. This method is also applicable for other titles like TFT, League of Legends, and LoR. Note that there is a thirty-day cooldown period before you can change the name again hence choose a nickname wisely.

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