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How to buy Military Vehicles in GTA Online Criminal Enterprises

The GTA Online Criminal Enterprises update is the latest content added to the 8-year-old title. The new update brought in many big changes and changed many aspects of the online world that are intended to provide a better experience across the board for players on all platforms. 

Today we are going to talk about one such shake-up, the classic staple of every GTA Online lobby — Military Vehicles. Whether it is an offense or defense playthrough, military vehicles in GTA Online are a class apart from other vehicle types in the game as most of them are weaponized and heavily armored.

How to buy New Military Vehicles Online?

Buying a military vehicle in GTA Online is as easy as going online and spending money. GTA Online Criminal Enterprises update added specific websites to the game that cater to a particular audience and offer exclusive goodies. 

Warstock Cache & Carry is one such website that caters to players looking to purchase Military goods. From armored tanks to fighter aircraft, the Warstock Cache & Carry is the one-stop shop for all military enthusiasts. Here’s how to visit the website and make a purchase:

1. Bring up your ingame mobile phone by pressing the corresponding action key. 

2. Scroll down to the blue web icon and select it.

3. Now you will see an advert for Warstock Cache & Carry.

4. Click on the advert to open the website and see the catalog. 

5. Once on the website, you can filter vehicles based on price tags and make your purchase. 

Alternatively, you can also open the website by clicking on the “Money & Services” tab on the phone and then selecting the website from the list. 

GTA Online Criminal Enterprises

Since military vehicles are highly armored and weaponized, players who are struggling with money shouldn’t bother looking for the website as all prices are very high. Here are a few examples of really good and expensive military vehicles in GTA Online Criminal Enterprises, for one reason or another:

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