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How Many People Play Valorant in 2023? Answered

Valorant, the exhilarating hero shooter developed by Riot Games, has captivated millions of players worldwide since its release. With consistent updates and meta changes, the game has managed to maintain its momentum and attract a growing player base even three years into its existence. In this article, we will provide you with the latest estimated player count for June 2023, shedding light on just how many people still play Valorant.

Tracking Valorant’s Player Count

Valorant has witnessed a steady rise in active players each month, solidifying its position as the Counter-Strike equivalent in the realm of hero shooters. While the developers have not officially disclosed the exact player count, we can offer you an estimation based on the game’s popularity.

How Many People Play Valorant? Estimated Player Count

As of May 2023, Valorant boasts an estimated total of over 19 million active players, according to Tracker Network. This remarkable figure indicates that nearly 20 million players have engaged in at least one game of Valorant within the past 30 days, aligning closely with the player count recorded in April.

Despite the introduction of Counter-Strike 2 and its Limited Test beta, Valorant continues to perform exceptionally well, enticing approximately three million new active players since December. These statistics, although estimations derived from data collected by Tracker Network, undoubtedly underscore the game’s impressive appeal. Especially considering its upcoming third anniversary, Valorant’s sustained popularity is truly commendable.

Valorant shows no signs of waning in popularity, both in the foreseeable future and beyond. Riot Games has demonstrated its unwavering commitment to developing and supporting their games, with the tactical FPS shooter genre proving its timelessness.

As the game’s esports scene continues to evolve, Valorant receives regular additions in the form of new Agents and maps. Furthermore, prominent influencers such as Shroud and Ninja continue to lend their support to the game. With these factors in play, Valorant is poised to remain at the forefront of both esports and gaming throughout 2023.

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