How Indian Teams reigned supreme at Nodwin’s VCC 2021


Global Esports may have won the first-ever Valorant Conquerors Championship. But, there were a lot of storylines that emerged from the event. One of them was the dominance of the Indian teams at VCC.

Despite having the same number of slots as combined regions like Pakistan and Afghanistan, VCC ended with Indian teams grabbing three of the top four placement slots at the event.

Enigma Gaming may not have won the event but they showed grit and determination to go all the way from the Wildcard Qualifiers to finishing fourth at the event. Velocity Gaming came close but could not be privy to the taste of a victory cigar in their mouth. Global Esports meanwhile, proved the giants rise harder than they fall, winning the VCC.

Let us take a look at how they managed to achieve such levels of dominance at the VCC.

Organizational Support

The biggest reason behind India’s rise in the world of Valorant in their region has been the support the players receive from organizations. Firstly, the number of organizations in Valorant have shot up when compared to the support fellow FPS title csgo received in the region.

Secondly, the organization not only support players and the teams financially but also by providing them the best condition to excel, be it in terms of hiring the best support staff – managers, cooks et al – or in the way of making sure they have access to the best gaming machines, peripherals and ISPs.

The salaries help players dedicate their entire time to the game without worrying about their financials, which is also a huge step from the earlier days of the FPS scene in India.

When compared to the rest of the South Asian region, Indian teams have been dealt a good hand in terms of the support received in Valorant.


The one differentiating factor between the csgo scene and the Valorant scene is definitely the added tinge of professionalism in the players. Since there has been an influx of organizations who have taken the proper route in terms of contracts, buyouts, negotiations and more, the players have also seemingly developed a professional outlook towards the game.

Tournament Organizers and Competitive Level

Again, the teams have been helped by the infinite number of tournaments happening every month, with several Tournament Organizers dipping their toes into the world of Valorant. The healthy frequency of events allows teams to not only put their practice to the test more often but also develop due to the level of competition.

Since the Indian teams are privy to more tournament attendances, they are also able to match up against the best in the region more often in an official setting. This differentiates India from other regions, wherein tournaments are few and far between. Most of the time, the only practice they get from Indian teams is in the form of scrimmage, which will mostly see teams try out new stuff and not play it with the same intensity required in an official match.

Hopefully, VCC will open doors for more tournament organizers to include the rest of the South Asian region in their tournaments, allowing for a more healthy frequency of events that pit the best of the entire South Asian region against each other, contributing to their growth in the process.