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Honkai Star Rail Sam: Character Details, Leaks, & More

Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen plenty of leaks surfacing on the internet involving HoYoverse’s newest title, Honkai: Star Rail. One of the leaks that have gotten players of the game excited is the upcoming character Sam.

Sam is expected to be a 5-star Fire character that will arrive in the game at some point in the future. In this article, we’re gonna take a look at everything we know so far about Sam in Honkai: Star Rail including his abilities, release date, and more.

Honkai Star Rail Sam: Release Date

At the time of writing, HoYoverse hasn’t revealed any details about the release date of Sam. There haven’t been any leaks about the same either.

However, we do have plenty of info about Sam’s kit and the abilities that he will possess.

Honkai Star Rail Sam: Abilities

As mentioned earlier, Sam is a 5-star character who follows the destruction path. His abilities have already been leaked on the Honkai Star Rail Subreddit.

Let’s take a look at Sam’s abilities in Honkai: Star Rail.

Normal Attack

Deals fire damage equal to Sam’s ATK to a single target.


Consumes Sam’s HP equal to ?% of his Max HP, and deal fire damage equal to ?% of Sam’s ATK to a single target. If Sam does not have sufficient HP, his HP will be reduced to 1 after using his Skill.

Enhanced Skill

Deals fire damage equal to ?% of Sam’s ATK to a single target. At the same time, deal fire damage equal to ?% of Sam’s ATK to enemies adjacent to it. When attacking an enemy with fire weakness, it will inflict additional fire damage equal to ?% of Sam’s ATK, and cause his next action to advance. Restores ?% of his Max HP. The damage dealt by this Combat Skill will be regarded as Ultimate Damage.


Enters [Red Warm] state, dispels all debuffs on self, and causes them to take action earlier. Skill will be enhanced and becomes Enhanced Skill V2. In this [Red Warm] state, Sam will increase their ATK equal to ?% of his Max HP, and increase speed by ?, damage reduction from his talent will always be at its maximum, and Sam cannot regenerate Energy in [Red Warm state]. A [Red Warm] countdown will appear on the action bar. When the countdown ends, Sam will exit the [Red Warm] state, and the countdown will always have a fixed speed of ?.


Generate ? Energy for every 1% of HP consumed. The lower the current HP, the lower the damage received, up to ?%.


Restores Sam’s HP equal to ?% of his current HP. And when the next battle starts, Sam’s Max HP will be increased by ?%.

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