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GUNNAR Optiks Launches The “Holy Grail” Of Gaming Glasses, Lightning Bolt 360

GUNNAR Optiks launched their “holy grail” of gaming glasses called Lightning Bolt 360. The company claims that their glasses are “the most versatile pair of gaming glasses ever created.”

GUNNAR Optiks is a preeminent force when it comes to design of gaming glasses along with several other glasses. LB360 is their best product till date.

“GUNNAR has always been the leader in the gaming space, and they take design innovation very seriously – it’s not just about blocking blue light. After listening to feedback from the gaming community it was clear that temple pressure and headaches while wearing headsets were two big issues that needed to be addressed, and so the design idea for the LB360 was born,” said Georgina Petrie, Director of Marketing, Gaming & Brand, GUNNAR Optiks. “But we didn’t just stop there. We wanted to deliver more than a pair of blue light gaming glasses, we wanted to deliver a solution that could address any use-case scenario by anyone that takes gaming seriously – gaming on the go, indoors and out, headset or no headset – a true elite gaming offering. We are thrilled to be finally launching the LB360 today to gamers across the globe.”

The product information is provided on their site states that LB360 comes in three editions: GUNNAR, 6 Siege and ESL. The complete package of glasses contain a stylized wrap around frame for comfort fit. Also there are three interchangeable temple options: classic, post and strap for ultimate headset compatibility and three nose bridges (Small, medium and Large) sizes to ensure the perfect fit.

The glasses are available at their official website alongside Amazon. The glasses have a base price of $130 and ranges till $350.

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